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Window Coverings

Custom blinds Perth

With the wide variety of windows coverings available it is quite possible to have custom designed blinds or window coverings in every room, and these can cater to both décor style and functionality.


These are a lot of options here. But if we want to sleep in the daytime, or sleep in over the weekend, then it is useful to have window coverings that can block out all the light when needed.
Some people like electric blinds in the bedroom because they can be programmed to open in the morning when the occupants awake.


No matter how careful we are there will always be a few spills in the kitchen. This is why we have floors and benchtops that withstand moisture and staining. Blinds I the kitchen should be chosen with the same attitude.
Metal or plastic blinds that are easy to wipe down because they have a smooth surface. Light curtains that can be put through the wash might also work. Or plastic curtains to wipe down.


Bathrooms will get wet every day. Even if there are no splashes or spills there will always be moisture in the air. So we need curtains that will not suffer from this humidity.
Plastic or vinyl curtains are good for the bathroom. There is nothing that can rust. But they will need to be wiped down to prevent mould or mildew.

Main / Living Room – Roller blinds Perth

These rooms are used for many different functions. You will need light in during the daytime, and you may need to completely block light if you watch TV at night, or if you have a home theatre setup.
Adjustable blinds are great for the living room.

Custom Blinds Perth

Order the right blinds for each room, and make the décor and lifestyle the little bit better.


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