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There are countless options for windows, with different styles of blind, curtain, drapes, shutters and even the type of glass. The only trick is to make sure that the windows suit the rest of the room décor.

Rustic shutters

This has the ‘old farmhouse’ look, which many people find relaxing. Wood on these is natural, or with worn paint. They can be internal or external.

Add a few rustic items, like an old lantern, a candlestick, or a horseshoe.

Frosted glass

This allows the light in while still allowing privacy. Spray-on frosting is available at hardware stores.

Designed frosted glass

We need not cover the whole window with frosting. Create a geometric design or just some parallel lines with masking tape, and use spray-on frosting to get a translucent design.

Faux Stained Glass

A Translucent stained glass effect can be created with adhesive colours.

Glass Shelves

You can put glass shelves in front of the window and use area for potted plants.

Any shutters on these windows would need to be external.

Lace coverings

Use lace to cover the window glass. This can be permanently put in place, with moveable, heavier curtains or shutters in front of the windows for additional privacy.

Stripped Blinds

Blinds with a horizontal stripped pattern look cheerful. Simple, but effective for some ope and sparse decors.

Plant Poles

Hang a few heavy curtain rods in front of the venetian blinds, and use these to holdup some plants in buckets.

Ribbon Blinds

Blinds with each slat in different colours. These can be vertical or horizontal.

Custom Blinds Perth

Custom windows and blinds means being creative, without sacrificing function.

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