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Custom Blinds Perth

Our bedrooms need a fair amount of privacy. This is not too hard to achieve with a good set of blinds. It is simply a matter of finding the right blind for your situation. And there is always be a suitable blind that will not only functions well but looks good too!

Custom blinds can be tailored to match the size of you window. And often be given the colour that suits you bedroom décor 

Factors to Consider for Bedroom Blinds

  • Does the room face onto the street or other public space? You will need privacy.
  • Does the room face the morning Sun? Do you want sunlight in the early morning?
  • Do you want to let light in during the day while allowing some privacy? This will save on electricity needed for indoor lighting.
  • Do you sometimes want to let the breeze into the room?
  • If you do shift work and sleep during the day will you need blinds to block out the light during the daytime.
  • If you have television or a projector in the bedroom you will need blinds that block out most of the outside light. 
  • Will you have other window coverings as well as blinds? You might have outside shutters on the house, or indoor curtains. 
  • Is thermal insulation during winter, to keep the warmth in, a consideration?

You might have several of these situations, and either need blinds that perform several functions, or perhaps need to add heavy curtains to a set of blinds. 

Venetian Blinds are popular because they are so versatile. The horizontal slats of a venetian blinds can be closed to block out most light and provide complete privacy, or opened for daylight with minimal glare. It is also easy to set the blinds on intermediate, allowing privacy with moderate indoor lighting.

Retractable Blinds simply block out all light when closed, and allow all light in when open. Owners who want privacy might consider light translucent curtains over the windows. Or translucent window treatments. 

Windows, Venetian and Roller Blinds Perth 

Look at the options and find the right blind solution for your bedroom windows. 

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