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Blinds and Coverings for Unusual Windows


We might include an unusual type of window in our home because we like how it looks, but find that it is hard to find suitable blinds. Custom blinds can always be made to physically fit the windows, but finding something that looks good might prove a little difficult. But with the range of blinds and custom options available these will always be a few good options for covering any window.

Bay Windows

These are the type of window with three or more sides, three or more panes of glass, which extend outside the wall. They are advantageous in letting more light in the room. And many people like the semi-retro appearance of bay windows.

As bay windows have three or more glass surfaces they can be covered with a set of three or more blinds. As long as there is enough space the windows can be covered with matching sets of venetian blinds. Else, roller blinds are a good option. When fully open these binds will be virtually unnoticeable.

Tall Windows

Tall windows can look very elegant, and allow a lot of light in. But curtains and blinds are usually not made in such long lengths. So home owners must resort to custom made curtains and blinds.

It is possible to have very long curtains made, but these will require an opening and closing mechanism (probably just a cord), because the curtains are too tall to be opened by hand.

Else, many people find they need only use curtains to only cover the lower part of the windows for privacy; the top half can be left open for letting light in. Else, the top section of the window can have translucent curtains then stay closed.

Short Windows

Some rooms have short windows. If these are at the top of the wall they can often be left uncovered, letting light in without compromising privacy. If the windows are in the middle of the wall they might make the wall seem short. And a small blind or curtain will look disproportionate.

A common trick here is to use curtains that are much taller than the window. The curtains can be in proportion to the rest of the room, and make the walls and ceiling look much higher.


Custom blinds Perth

There is always a practical custom made option for binds and curtains when covering any window. But with some imagination there will also be options that improve the room décor. Curtains can be larger than the window, or made in top and bottom sections. And there are several types of blind. Think outside the box and come up with a great window covering.

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