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In the summer of Australia it can be difficult to keep things cool inside you home. Air Conditioners are effective, but costly to run. 

You can reduce the energy cost of air conditioners if the home is better insulated. The right blinds or curtains make a big difference here. 

Custom Blinds Perth 

Light Blocking 

Blinds can be closed to provide privacy and block the Sun’s rays. This also helps to keep the house cooler. 

If you want to keep the outside light while removing most of the heat then we recommend UV and infrared films on the windows.  

Light blocking also reduces the harmful effects of UV on furniture and flooring, as UV causes fading over time. 

Energy saving 

The energy cost of air conditioning is reduced if the home is insulated with curtain, though the roof should be insulated as well. This prevents the effect of air conditioner being lost to the outside. 

Insulation keep the home temperature stable. 

Curtains and Custom blinds Perth

Custom made curtains and blinds can also be designed to reduce outside noise. Obviously nothing like a curtain or blind can remove noise entirely, but they can take the annoying edge off the sound, making the situation easier for the resident of the home. 

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