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How does Curtain and Blinds Combinations looks alike?

Most of us have some form of window covering, either blinds or curtains. But there is no reason why we can’t have both. It is not uncommon to have two set of curtains, a light set to provide privacy that let through light, and a heavy set for complete isolation. We can perform this same function with blinds and curtains.

It is quite possible to combine light curtains that give a fair amount of natural light with blinds that block all light and provide privacy and some heat insulation.

There are two main combinations here. either light curtains inside the window frame with larger blinds outside. Or smaller blinds inside the window with heavier curtains outside.

Matching Curtain and Blinds

For the sake of pleasing decor we would choose curtains and blinds that go together well. Blinds are often timber or aluminium. A more natural look can be achieved if these blinds have warm colours, and are paired with curtains that are also warm. Two variations on the same colour, dark blinds and light curtains work well. Or almost any colour blind can be paired with light white or creme curtains.

Things to avoid are clashing looks. So don’t pair two different patterns together. In fact, patterns on both blinds and curtains are probably a bad idea, even if the match; it’s too much detail. Instead, have patterns on the curtains only, and use blinds in a solid (matching) colour. Or have blinds with a natural woodgrain paired with single colour curtains.

Window Size Perception

There is no rule that says curtains must be the same size as the window. Obviously they cannot be smaller than the window, that would look comical. But we can put larger blinds and curtains up to make the window look bigger.

We can install blinds or curtains just below the ceiling to make the window look taller. And extend them beyond the edges to make the window look wider.

Custom made Curtain and Blinds in Perth, Western Australia

There is no end of curtain and blinds combinations. Use you imagination and our custom manufacturing to find the ultimate decor for you home. Contact us.