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If we are given too many options we often have trouble deciding. And if the decisions we make are complex we often find that we procrastinate, not wanting to commit to an answer. It may help if we can eliminate the poor options, narrowing things down to what we know will work. The Colour Schemes are a start.

Many design options are not a good idea because the colours will never fit together. We can get a good indication of colours that do fit together by using a colour wheel. This is an old concept, but it remains important because it is so fundamental to how we see and appreciate the world. 

A colour wheel has all the basic colours arranges systematically in a circle. The opposite of each colour is positioned on the opposite side of the wheel. We can use this colour wheel tool to choose complementary or matching colour schemes.


This uses variations on a single colour. We might use red main furnishings with a pink wall in the background. Neutral white can be used here as well.

Curtains or blinds could be the same red/pink monochrome, or neutral white.


This uses closely related colours, which are positioned next to each other on the wheel. Green and yellow are a popular combination here.

Dark curtains and blind in a light coloured room can work. So can light curtains or blinds is a vividly coloured room.


This is one of the most popular options, using opposite sides of the colour wheel.

Curtains and blinds can be either one of the complementary colours.


This is a more colourful options that uses three colours spaced equally around the wheel. The primary colours (red green and blue) and an example of this. But other options also work.

If you have trouble deciding on a décor then start with the element you most like and use the colour wheel to design around this.

Custom Blinds Perth

A custom designed blind means there is always an option for any room décor design.

Colour Schemes
Colour Schemes

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