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With the many options that are afforded us with customs blinds it would be foolish not to take advantage of the possibilities. We should design something that really works for the décor space and the windows that we have.

We can use custom blinds to create something original for a conventional window, or use custom blinds for unusual windows where conventional blinds or curtains might not work.

Windows on the corner

A problem here is there is little material around the sides of the window, or in the corner. So any blinds or curtains will have to be both secured at the top and neatly align with the adjacent blind or curtain. We cannot rely in the material between the windows to fill gaps between the window covering because there is very little material there.

It is possible to have small binds on either side of the window corner. The tricky part is making sure that the corner is covered without the blinds overlapping.

It is easy to put up curtains. The problem is completely retracting the curtains so that the window is completely open. The curtains will usually have to retract to the top, not the sides.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms may use windows for ventilation and light, but bathrooms will always require privacy.

Translucent windows coverings are a good option. These allow the light in while allowing privacy.

Bedrooms and Windows.

The bedroom is idea for blinds or curtains that can be withdrawn. This is a room that needs privacy during some times of the day and sunlight at others. So a moveable window covering is idea.

A translucent curtain behind a blind is one option. The blinds can block light when necessary. The curtain will allow privacy even when the window is open.

Some bedrooms have small windows that are high on the wall. Privacy might not be an issue here as the window is too high for anybody to see in. But a blind covering might still be needed if the bedroom needs to be darker, perhaps for sleeping during the day. A blind with a long control cord or rod is one option.

Custom blinds Perth

All windows can have a covering that is both practical and decorative. Custom blinds offer a lot of creative alternatives for all windows.


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