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Order And Design

The human mind likes order, but finds any over simplistic order to be sterile. The human mind is also attracted to natural materials, but these materials can seem to lack any pattern or order. The best solution here, the one that many of us find most appealing, is a combination or order and randomness- neat furnishings made from natural materials with natural patterns. 

Natural patterns are thing like woodgrain, leather or patterns in stone. These are not chaotic, nor are they simple geometric patterns. The patterns are loose, and the human mind finds this appealing.

Materials used for blinds may include natural timber or materials that imitate the grain patterns of natural timber. This works well with the neat and orderly arrangement of blinds, shutters, curtains and other window furnishings. Many people find timber venetian blinds appealing, as well as functional. 

Other forms of order include complementary colours (either side of the colour wheel), straight parallel line, and neat proportions, often based on the golden ratio (approximately 1: 1.618). If we create these patterns with natural materials we can achieve (with some experimentation) some pleasing décor results. 

Custom Blinds Perth

Custom blinds can be made to the right size for any window. They can also use any material to make a functional window covering. Custom designs can suit natural timber décor or austere synthetic furnishings. 

Roller Blinds Perth

Roller blinds are simple and effective in design. They block out external sunlight and provide privacy when needed. They can also be decorated to suit many decors. 

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