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Plantations shutters, as the name suggests, originally developed on the large plantations of the Southern USA. They were originally fitted to the outside of the building to cover doors and large windows. Their design proved very versatile.

Plantations shutters are designed with two opening mechanisms. There is the main shutter door which can be open or shut. This can cover the whole window. And there is also the horizontal slats in the middle of the shutter door which can be opened to various degrees, allowing air and light in while maintaining some privacy. These work rather like a venetian blind. 

Custom blinds Perth

A good set of shutters is a solid investment in your home. They will probably need to be custom made to suit your home windows, but this allows you to customize the shutters in other ways, so you can have the shutters that suit your needs.

You can complement shutters with some internal blinds or curtains, allowing privacy even when the shutters are open. Translucent blinds and curtains let light in while allowing privacy and preventing glare. 

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