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Aluminum Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters made of aluminum are an excellent choice for impervious to moisture and resilient against humidity. Aluminium plantation shutters are strong enough to endure the weather and may be used again for decades. Aluminium plantation shutters are both beautiful and durable, bringing flair and durability indoors and out.

Features of Aluminum Plantation Shutters are:

  • They provide energy efficiency in order to fully to control the flow of sunlight and produce security which also added energy savings.
  • Quite simple, adjustable and can be used indoors to match your living area as modern styles.
  • Aluminum plantation shutters used as windows screen protector. It doesn’t allow to enter flies, pollutants and outdoor objects.
  • In terms of maintenance, its easy to clean and only need rub the dust with wet piece of cloth.
  • Shutters provide a rooftop, outdoor kitchen more management from over heat, air, and rainfall, adding to the versatility of the space.
  • Offer greater protection to your windows, which helps to keep your residence cool in summer by lowering the amount of solar radiation entering the windows.
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About Aluminum Plantation Shutters Perth


Aluminum plantation shutters are comprised of extruded components with a thermal gap, which hinders heat transmission. Heat conduction via an air gap is significantly more difficult than heat conduction through a solid substance. And, because aluminum is resistant to the elements, it will survive for decades!

Elain Blinds offers a superb choice of fabric patterns, colors, textures, heading styles, and tracking systems fit for any budget at factory direct rates.


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What are Aluminum Plantation Shutters made up of?

Aluminum shutters are made of lightweight extruded parts and come with or without insulated foam to defend against temperature differences.

Why choose outdoor Aluminum Plantation Shutters?

Outdoor Plantation Shutters are delivered completely built and custom-crafted to size, with the option of frames or channels, as well as hinges and catches. Outdoor Aluminum Shutters are a terrific addition to areas where the sun shines through and becomes a little warm, in addition to offering privacy.

What size do they comes in?

Aluminum shutter blades are available in three sizes: 64mm, 89mm, and 114mm.

Are Aluminum Plantation shutters secure?
Aluminum shutters are extremely secure and can prevent break-ins both visually and physically
Can aluminum shutters block out noise?

Yes, aluminum shutters can reduce noise levels by up to 50%. There will be no holes in the slats to allow noise to get through because U Blinds makes your shutters to measure.

Can Aluminum shutters reduce my energy bill?
Yes, Aluminum shutters can save you a lot of money on energy since the tight seals efficiently trap cold air by forming a barrier between the window and the outside world. This means you won’t need to turn on the air conditioner as often as usual, which is also good for the environment.
Will aluminum shutters add value to my home?

Yes, because shutters are considered permanent fixtures, they add substantially more value to a home than ordinary window coverings like blinds or drapes.

Are aluminum shutters good at keeping light out?
Aluminum shutters are excellent for keeping light out since the slats can be folded together to form a tight seal that blocks all light.
Why Aluminum Plantation are necessary?

An aluminum shutter is one of the most desirable windows furnishing alternatives to install because it is made of a strong metal that will last for years.

Where we can use Aluminum Plantation Shutters?
Aluminum Plantation Shutters can be used in homes, offices, windows, garage doors, holiday homes, retail premises, reception counters, etc.
What are the different varieties of aluminum window shutters?
Bahama shutters raised panels, louvers, and board and batten styles are all available in this variety of aluminum window shutters.
Are shutters being easy to clean?

Yes, it is very easy to clean. Wipe the blades with a moist towel; we include a cotton cloth with each installation. If you’ve ever had Venetian blinds, you’ll appreciate how simple they are to clean. They’re especially beneficial for those who have dust allergies.

Are Plantation shutters hot?

No, they aren’t hot because extruded components are used in traditional aluminum shutters, which means there are two sides with an air gap in the middle.

What colors do they come in?

Our typical color is Satin White, a powder coat color that works nicely. Classic aluminum shutters can be powder coated in any color from the Dulux Dural Loy range, as well as a special wood finish that looks great and requires no care.

Are Aluminum shutters being suitable in bathroom?

Aluminum shutters are also heat and moisture resistant, making them suitable for wet spaces such as bathrooms.

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