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Roller Blinds Perth

Elain Blinds is one of Perth’s most affordable blinds shops. We custom design and manufactures the highest quality Roller Blinds at competitive prices. Our multipurpose Roller Blinds are the ideal way to keep heat and light out of bedrooms and living rooms.

Roller blinds are extremely versatile and can be used to complement any type of interior design. It can improve the overall look of your space while also providing maximum shade and privacy.

  • Sheer Roller Blinds
  • Blockout Roller Blinds

You can choose between Sheer Roller blinds, which allow for better light filtering, and completely insulate your space from heat or light. In contrast, if you’re opting for greater protection against sunlight, Blockout Roller Blinds provide complete privacy against light and visibility from outside, making them a perfect solution for bedrooms and living areas.


Benefits of Roller Blinds Perth for Windows are:

  • Incredible light control
  • Assemble a curtain to complete the look.
  • Temperature Control
  • Low Budget
  • Attractive Design

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Roller Blinds in Perth Western Australia


Roller Blinds offer a sleek and contemporary take on window coverings.  They're simple yet classy, minimal yet elegant.  The best thing about Roller Blinds is that they're extremely practical, easy to clean and maintain, and will last for years. They don't date and come in a huge range of colours and textures.

Roller Blinds are suitable for almost every corner and space, from bedrooms to living areas through to the kitchen and laundry. They offer a modern and cost effective solution to managing light and privacy in every room. 

Made to Measure Roller Blinds are the ultimate choice of Window Treatments

At Elain Blinds, we source fabrics from reputable suppliers in Perth, Western Australia to ensure that materials are durable enough to sustain the harsh Australian sun.  Manufactured within our warehouse, our Blinds come in a range of weaves, colours and styles that are easy to match and maintenance free.

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Black, Brown, Grey

Is it really that easy to install roller blinds myself?
Yes, installing roller blinds at your home/office is easy. However, you should analyze the space, cut the blinds with accurate measurements, and install them.
Do roller blinds keep the heat in?

Yes, roller blinds are the best option for you to control the temperature of your home/office.

What way should a roller blinds face?

Roller blinds should be close to the windowpane as possible. Because it decreases the chance of sunlight leaking through openings in the side and stops anyone from looking in from seeing anything.

Are roller blinds fitted inside or outside the recess?

Roller blinds are the finest suitable to be fitted inside the recess.

How do I clean my roller blinds?

Firstly, you should detach the roller blinds and lay them out on the floor. Then, use a brush on your vacuum to clean up dust and finally wipe it out with a wet cloth.

How do I measure for my roller blinds?

You should measure horizontally from one end to another end of the windows and also measures at the top of the window frame where the blind is to install.

Are roller blinds child-safe?

Yes, roller blinds are the safest window blinds for children because of cordless technology.

Can we wash roller blinds in the washing machine?
Yes, you can wash roller blinds in the washing machine because they are made up of fabrics (preferred warm water).
How to remove stains from roller blinds?

You can remove stains from roller blinds by according to the manufacturer’s instruction, let blot off with a wet cloth.

Do roller blinds come with brackets?
Yes, roller blinds come with identical brackets which makes it easy to install the blinds.
How to cut roller blinds?
All roller blinds are different in style. if your blinds are too large for your window then remove the blinds and measure the actual space to fit and draw a line with a pencil and finally cut vertically up the fabric.
On which window types roller blinds suitable for?
The best thing about roller blinds is that they can fit any type of window and door.
For what reasons, we should choose roller blinds?
Roller blinds come with a wide range of textures and manufacture them suitable for different situations. In terms of fabrics, there are choices that make them really a practical choice.
Are roller blinds being suitable for large sliding doors?
Yes, roller blinds are suitable for sliding doors because if you want a clean and quiet option for glass sliding doors, roller blinds are a perfect choice. They may be rolled down for complete seclusion and placed into the recess of your entryway.

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“I’m here, I’m involved and I’m still dedicated to making sure that every single client is looked after”, Jinwook Kim, Founder.

SuHak KangSuHak Kang
11:50 31 Mar 22
From the quote process through to the product and the install, it was professional and seamless. The end product looks fantastic, I'm very pleased. Highly recommend.
Vicky NamVicky Nam
15:18 27 Feb 22
Highly recommended Blinds-Best blinds company in perth❤️
L aeyeo KimL aeyeo Kim
14:17 25 Nov 21
Really happy with the recent installation, I highly recommend Elain Blinds to people.
Very good quality and fantastic customer service from Kim! Reasonable pricing and i highly recommend Elain Blinds to anyone looking to install new blinds or curtains!
Ravi NichaniRavi Nichani
14:37 01 Sep 21
Like your customer service , nice job and my place looks brighter with your installation.
J LeeJ Lee
02:00 01 Sep 21
Clean and fast installation. Great 👍
Tim JagerTim Jager
07:22 31 Aug 21
Very polite and professional installer, would recommend.
Mee jung KangMee jung Kang
07:59 26 Nov 20
This is the second time I have used Elain Blinds.Once again great price,high quality service.I highly recommend Elain Blinds. I am so happy with my new blind. Thank you so much!

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