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Timber Plantation Shutters

Our Timber plantation shutters are specifically designed and handcrafted with practical louvers in various louvre sizes, allowing you total control over lighting, privacy, and ventilation in your space. Not only do the shutters provide great sound insulation, but they are also ideal for Australia’s severe environment.

Features of Timber Plantation Shutters are:

Timber Plantation shutters attract to you? Really do they! They are a gorgeous and long-lasting window covering that will resist the elements and the test of time.

  • Weight of Timber shutters is light and suitable. They don’t add weight to your window/ door panels over duration, and they’re not lightweight enough to have been damaged by the unusual impact or hit.
  • Warping and bending resistance are ensured through quality testing. This is completed using our one of a kind “Fire drying process”.
  • These are more suited to homes who want to achieve a vintage look with a warmer color background.
  • Filters light while maintaining the optimal volume of air and protecting your privacy.
  • The shutters will not collect dust. Your plantation shutters will look spotless and dust-free after a short wipe. It’s ideal for skin allergies who need to avoid dusty environments.
  • Timber has lasted the legacy and will not become extinct. Timber shutters are an excellent long-term investment.
  • Matches your home decorations and thanks to the wide range of natural timber finish and color options.
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About Timber Plantation Shutters Perth


For a multitude of reasons, plantation shutters can be a joy. They have the ability to make your property seem better than it has in the past. They may even be able to assist you in lowering your monthly energy expenditures. It's always a good idea to save money.


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How are Timber plantation shutters constructed?

Plantation shutters are installed right inside a window, which is a highly harsh environment with extreme heat, a lot of UV light, and often substantial humidity changes.

Can plantation shutters be installed on any windows?

Yes, It is made of wood can be put on any window. They’re also commonly used as room separators and are usually mounted on rails.

Can I fit Timber plantation shutter by myself?

Yes, Timber plantation shutters can be installed by oneself but they can be intimidating to install without professional help. We Elain Blinds provide free home services to all our customers.

Are Timber plantation shutters materials Eco friendly?

Yes, They are made of wood are eco-friendly. They look great and are made of high-quality materials like PVC or 100% basswood.

What is the main benefit?

With variable shutters, timber plantation shutters are both functional and beautiful. They give privacy and insulation.

Is it easy to clean?

Timber Plantation shutters made of wood are simple to clean with a feather duster, moist sponge, or cloth.

What should I check before I have a plantation shutters?

Please check that the wall around the window opening is finished, such as the plastering. Is the window in place? Is there any tile, formwork, or feature support installed? All of these factors could influence how plantation shutters are measured.

What is the difference between Timber plantation shutters and Traditional shutters?

Traditional shutters feature narrow and tiny shutters, whereas timber plantation shutters have wider shutters.

Are Timber plantation shutters still in style?

Yes, they are because of their durability, light-filtering capabilities, and energy efficiency, timber plantation shutters are still popular.

Do Timber plantation shutters make a room smaller?
No, Timber Plantation shutters will not make a space smaller. Rather it enhances the space.
Do Timber plantation shutters block out cold?
Timber Plantation shutters insulate your home efficiently, trapping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.
What are the advantages?

Inside air does not escape to the outside, and outside air does not enter your home through timber plantation shutters.

Are Timber plantation shutters outdated?
Timber plantation shutters are widely utilized for both functional and situational factors all over the world

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