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Explore Perth, Western Australia’s elegance, with Vertical Blinds. These blinds are a stylish option that blends well with any decor. Our vertical blinds, which are now offered by Elain Blinds, blend fashion and function to create the ideal window balance. Vertical blinds may be the answer if you’re seeking window treatments that are both functional and fashionable in Perth, Australia.


Features of Vertical Blinds

  • Vertical blinds can add perceived height to a room while also controlling light and privacy.
  • It lets light in when it’s needed and blocks out the light when a darker environment is desired
  • Vertical blinds are an excellent alternative for sliding doors and other large door or window openings.
  • The insulating qualities of some materials used in vertical blinds improve energy efficiency and temperature control within buildings.
  • Vertical blinds can help provide a more peaceful and comfortable living or working environment by reducing outside noise, depending on the material selected.
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About Vertical Blinds Perth

Vertical blinds collections come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures that are perfect for patio doors and large windows. Our vertical blinds' defining features imply low-maintenance cleanliness and uncomplicated functionality. We will measure your vertical blinds to the exact size of your specifications, as not all openings are the same.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds Perth

  • Designed For Doorways: Vertical blinds are the perfect option for sliding doors and their moisture-resistant materials make them ideal for wet areas
  • Minimalistic: Simple in nature, vertical blinds have several customizable options to make them even more practical in individual circumstances
  • Low maintenance: If you have a busy lifestyle, cleaning your blinds regularly is unlikely to be at the top of your list of priorities. Thanks to the anti-static qualities of our vertical range, mold and dust will not accumulate, making them a great low-maintenance option.
  • Control of Light and Privacy: Blades that are simple to adjust ensure privacy while managing light entry.
  • Continue to stay relevant: Vertical Blinds are functional and available in increasingly modern fabrics and materials.

We are the Top Manufacturer of Vertical Blinds in Perth

Our Vertical Blinds have been perfected through years of research and development, allowing you to make an easy choice when price and simplicity are the keys. Total light and privacy control are achieved with the twist of a wand. We use the finest quality components to produce attractive but sturdy vertical blinds that will look great while withstanding sunlight, heat, and humidity for years to come.

How do Install Vertical Blinds?

Follow these steps for a seamless setup:

  • Mark the middle of the window with a measurement.
  • Put brackets on the ends.
  • Fasten the headrail.
  • Place vanes inside the headrail.
  • Examine how the blinds work.
  • Make sure the location is level.
  • Tighten any strings or wires.
  • Make sure the installation area is clean.

Where can Vertical Blinds be fitted?

Double blinds may be installed on any window in your house or place of business. They are perfect for bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries. Moreover, they may be utilized to protect large sliding doors.

Factors to Consider When Buying Vertical Blinds

When choosing Double roller Blinds in Perth, consider these vital factors:

  • Choose between light filtering and block-out options for the perfect ambiance.
  • Customize your blinds to achieve your desired level of privacy.
  • Select colors and materials that harmonize with your interior design.
  • Opt for our made-to-measure blinds for a flawless fit in your home.



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What are vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are vertical lengths of fabric that are pared to a sliding track at the top and function with a plastic rod or chain.

What are the best vertical blinds to a darken room?
These room-darkening vertical blinds provide excellent light filtration and protection while also improving the look of your area. Levolor Real Wood Blinds is our top option. Apart from the fact that it is constructed of real wood, we like the high-quality design and personalization options.
Are vertical blinds being in style?
Yes, vertical blinds are in style equally for home or office.
Can vertical blinds be motorized?
Yes, vertical blinds are motorized and can be tilted, opened, or closed using a remote control.
Are vertical blinds easy to clean?
Vertical blinds made of metal or vinyl are the simplest to clean. Regular cleaning should be enough to keep these blinds appearing clean, and wiping them down with a moist cloth will help to remove spots.
Can vertical blinds be fitted in sliding doors?
Yes, when you have sliding doors, vertical blinds are an excellent option for controlling the amount of light that enters your rooms.
What is the size of vertical blinds slats?
The size of the vertical blind slate is 35mm.
What size vertical blinds do I need for patio-doors?
Available in widths up to 2400mm, you may use one blind to cover your patio doors or divide it into two blinds to cover the opening door and the fixed panel. For blinds of this size, I would recommend the side chain operation because it is the most reliable. Another excellent choice for your patio doors.
What materials are vertical blinds made of?

Vertical blinds from Elain Blinds are a budget-friendly method to cover exceptionally wide windows and sliding glass doors with the correct style to fit yours, and they’re produced from fabric, imitation wood, or smooth or textured PVC.

Where can vertical blinds be used?
Several slats go down a track at the top of the blind in vertical blinds. Vertical blinds open either from side to side or by dividing in the center, depending on the style. For patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows, these blinds are a popular choice. However, they also can be used to cover smaller windows.
How to decorate our home with vertical blinds?
Vertical blinds are the best option for you to decorate because they are more useful and easier to use. You can also produce a unique inner design with the help of vertical blinds.
What are the best vertical blinds for curved windows?
If you have a curved bay window, you may install your Vertical blind on a flexible track that follows the curvature of the bay. This results in a wonderfully smooth surface that fits perfectly in your window.
How to choose the right fabric for vertical blinds?

When you first open a fabric guide, there are hundreds of various materials available for vertical blinds, which can be confusing. Decide how much light you want to come into the space to make choosing your fabric easier.

Why are vertical blinds bad for bedroom?
When the blinds are opened, the vertical columns can swing and collide, making a noise. The same thing can happen when a fan or window is turned on or opened, which might be upsetting if used in a bedroom. Fabric vertical blinds will pick up grime from the floor.
How to trim vertical blinds down?
Placing a wooden piece between the clamp and the top vane is a good idea. Using a hack saw, join all of the vanes together. Finally, reinstall the vanes on the headrail track and secure them with the vane clips. You may easily trim your vertical blinds to fit the windows in this manner.

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From the quote process through to the product and the install, it was professional and seamless. The end product looks fantastic, I'm very pleased. Highly recommend.
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Highly recommended Blinds-Best blinds company in perth❤️
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Really happy with the recent installation, I highly recommend Elain Blinds to people.
Very good quality and fantastic customer service from Kim! Reasonable pricing and i highly recommend Elain Blinds to anyone looking to install new blinds or curtains!
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Very polite and professional installer, would recommend.
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This is the second time I have used Elain Blinds.Once again great price,high quality service.I highly recommend Elain Blinds. I am so happy with my new blind. Thank you so much!

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