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Smart Custom Blinds Perth

Modern Smart shades take the idea of electronic motor blinds a step further. Motorized blinds used a small electrical motor (or two) to open and close. This did have a certain novelty appeal, but also managed to work neatly without the need for cords. But smart blinds can be digitally controlled, so they can be pre-set up to open and close according to your schedule, or the season, or by voice command.


• Safety – There are no cords for children to get caught on.
• Blinds can be voice controlled, and controlled by the smartphone.
• You can open or close the blinds while staying in bed.
• Blinds can open and close while you are away, to make the house look occupied.
• Smart Blinds can be programmed to open when you want to wake in the morning.
• Blinds can be setup to respond to the light and heat conditions. This saves energy and money on heating and cooling costs. The lights can turn off when you open the blinds for natural sunlight.
• Security. Blinds can be programmed to close when you leave the house.


• Blinds can be Bluetooth enabled
• Blinds can be battery powered or mains powered. A battery powered system does not require and electrician
• Battery powered system can be solar powered or USB chargeable.
• Blinds and curtains up to 2 meters each can be electronically controlled. Larger window with 2 blinds/curtains or 2 meters are also quite possible.

Smart Blinds Perth

Technology that is well designed makes our life easier. We can look after important things like family and career while the technology looks after the background details, and keeps the energy costs as low as possible.
Smart Blinds are convenient, interface with existing technology, and there’s always an option that suits, and probably enhances, the room décor.

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