Blinds for Sliding Doors? Top 8 Myths and the Truths Behind them

It helps to know the facts when looking for the perfect blinds, shades, or shutters for sliding doors. Because unless you are a design expert, you may end up with mismatched or poorly hung window coverings, or none at all.

Blinds for Sliding Doors in Australia

There is no doubt that curtains and blinds are popular features in the majority of Australian homes. Curtains and blinds are an essential home design element, whether for residential or commercial use. That’s because they provide us with more than our fair share of protection from the sun and UV rays. Despite the importance of these simple window accessories, most of us (if we’re honest) admit to knowing very few interesting facts about curtains and blinds.So, whether you’re looking to buy a new house or upgrade the looks of your current place, choosing the perfect door coverings for your living space requires facts, not myths. Here, we bust some common myths about having blinds for sliding doors to help you make an informed decision.

Myth 1: Blinds only block direct sunlight – FALSE.

Blinds protect you from more than just direct sunlight. They shield the eyes from harmful UV rays and intense glare. You can also control the percentage of UV blockage, glare, and sunlight by adjusting the openness factor of the material. They also shield your furniture from damage.

Myth 2: Blinds can obstruct your outside view – FALSE.

Blinds are available in a variety of opacities. As a result, the obstruction of the view is determined by the opacity of the blinds.

Myth 3: There are limited options when it comes to blinds for sliding doors – FALSE

We know there were only limited options of blinds to choose from in the past, but there are now countless options. In fact, finding the right blind for sliding doors, regardless of its shape, size, or style, is simple – especially since you can easily order custom-made blinds that are specially designed to fit your doors and your home.

What kinds of Blinds go on a Sliding Doors?

In the past, we think that there is only one type of blind and we had limited ideas for blinds for sliding doors, most probably the plain ones that you see in office spaces. But there are a lot more variations that you can choose from.

Simply do some research on the type you want and decide if it needs to be custom ordered. Plus, we here at Elain Blinds located in Perth, Australia are always there with the best fit for your space.

Myth 4: Blinds are hard to clean – FALSE

Who doesn’t want a clean house? And there’s no need to worry if you’re wondering that blinds are gonna be hard to clean. Blinds, like window shutters, and plantation shutters are actually very simple to clean when done correctly. Just be mindful of the material, as vinyl, wood, and other common materials necessitate different cleaning methods. What is the best way to clean blinds? Once a week, lightly wipe them clean.

Myth 5: Blinds are Dangerous for children and pets – FALSE

Even though there is some truth to this myth, the hanging cords of corded blinds can pose a threat to young children and some pets. However, this problem is easily avoided! All you have to do is wrap up the extra hanging cord to reduce the risk of an accident. You can also choose motorized or cordless window coverings that don’t have any hanging cord at all.

Myth 6: Only Expensive Blinds are the best – FALSE

That is not at all true! While premium window treatments for doors can cost a pretty penny, you can easily find affordable yet high-quality blinds for your sliding doors. You can select from a wide range of budget-friendly blinds and install blinds in any room of your home without breaking the bank.

Myth 7: Blinds should only be hung on the window trim – FALSE

It’s a common misconception that hanging blinds on the window or door trim is the best option. This arrangement, however, gives the impression of short, squat windows & doors and also blocks natural light.

Blinds should be hung high, at least an inch or two from the ceiling. In terms of width, the inner edge of the blinds should meet the outer edge of your window, allowing plenty of light in. This also gives the impression of a higher and wider window as well as for doors of any type.

Myth 8: Blinds are too difficult to operate – FALSE

Blinds are one of the most sophisticated window treatments for doors mainly for sliding doors, and they are ideal for making a room appear clutter-free. However, it is a common misconception that operating them is difficult. Many motorized and cordless blinds are available on the market that can be raised and lowered with the push of a button.

Furthermore, the ability to program them to open and close at specific times means you may never have to worry about them at all. As a result, they are the preferred option for seniors and those with mobility issues.

Misconceptions about design are unavoidable, but believing them can lead to bad home decor. Rather, embrace the most recent window treatment options for doors and enhance your living space with appropriate blinds, shades, shutters, and curtains.

Please contact us if you require assistance in selecting a suitable home window covering. We are delighted to assist.

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