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Curtains bring a sense of luxury to any given space and offer endless opportunities to embellish and add character to a home. While aesthetically pleasing, Curtains also act as a great insulator, providing warmth in harsh winter months and protecting against direct sunlight in summer. Curtains are a classic. Probably one of the first window coverings ever available, Curtains have evolved over the years and have recently made a comeback across many homes and commercial spaces. The S-wave Curtains have been made popular by many interior stylists and are fantastic for providing a sense of clean, classy, and sheer minimalism.

In a home, curtains can make a big difference. So, Elain Blinds is here to assist you in creating the most elegant and attractive bespoke drapes and curtains to significantly change your area. Our curtains combine fashion and utility and are available in a broad range of contemporary designs, colours, and textures appropriate for every window, space, and budget. Our Premium Made to Measure Curtains gives your house a smooth, delicate feel while allowing lots of natural light in. 

Find all the best, top, and most popular curtains available in Perth Australia.  They not only shade the light, but they also bring warmth and finish the entire look. Curtains are one of the ideal ways to blend the design components of a space together, whether you’re looking for a little privacy or just want to decorate.

At Elain Blinds, we carry a selection of block-outs to accompany your Curtains. As the name suggests, block-out Curtains are a practical alternative to sheer Curtains and give you complete control over the level of brightness in your space. They’re a popular choice for bedrooms and work equally well in other parts of your home.

Visit our showroom to view the selection of fabrics we carry or alternatively, contact one of our sales consultants to arrange for a visit to your home.

Here are the first-class Sheer Curtains and Blockout Curtains available with us.

Sheer curtains

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Sheer curtains are crafted from a delicate, gauzy fabric that serves as an excellent barrier to light. In other words, these curtains allow light to filter into your living space while also diffusing it, creating a gentle and graceful ambiance. Using sheer curtains in conjunction with Blockout curtains, Blockout Roller blinds, or Roman blinds is an excellent approach to get a high level of illumination and privacy control.


Features of Sheer Curtains are:


Sheer curtains are preferred for their visual appeal rather than their practicality.

  • Sheer curtains enable you to let sunshine into your space while maintaining your desired level of security. i.e., none can see you inside your room.
  • Sheer fabrics function as an Ultraviolet screen, shielding your shutters from the harmful rays of the sun. i.e., no harm at windows curtains.
  • Made of flexible fabric, normally 100% cotton or cotton polyester blends, and are less expensive than heavier window treatments.
  • Sheer curtains have a basic elegance and charm that other window treatments lack. Sheer curtains add a light touch to any space, making them ideal for living area, beds, and playrooms

Blockout curtains

Blockout curtains give a place a warm, luxurious feel and are ideal for obstructing light in bedrooms and home theaters. And, we only provide materials from Australia’s premier fabric suppliers that are of the finest quality, durable, and long-lasting. Our fabrics have all been rigorously tested to ensure that your curtains will appear brand new and unfaded for many years.


Features of Blockout Curtains are:


  • Keeps the area darken by blocking the sun rays from entering which helps in sleeping well.
  • In summer, it keeps the living area cold and in winter, it lowers electricity bills.
  • Increases the security of your home.
  • Stop the furniture/items being rusting.
  • Blockout curtains are dark in color and are perfect for hidden scattered items around the house.
  • Curtains come in a variety of colors, then you can quickly locate one that suits the style of your home or enhances the colors that are already present.
  • It may come as a surprise, but block-out curtains are actually quite effective in reducing noise. Their back lining and sturdy, thick fabric contribute to this fact.
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