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Double Roller Blinds

Our Double Roller Blinds have been perfected through years of research and development, allowing you to combine two blinds without sacrificing privacy or visibility. It’s simple to switch between a Blockout Blind for privacy and a Sunscreen Blind to let the sun in while filtering the view with two blinds on the same bracket.


Features of Double Roller Blinds Perth

  • Double roller blinds combine sunlight and blockout roller blinds.
  • Light-filtering roller blinds provide privacy without darkening a room.
  • Double roller blinds with sunscreens offer privacy while allowing you to see outside and protecting your furniture from UV rays (they can filter up to 95% of them).
  • Separate control of each Blind with double insulation.
  • Easy to clean.
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About Double Roller Blinds Perth

Two single roller blinds are combined into one bracket smoothly and fashionably in the same window to create a double roller blind, also known as a dual roller blind. One roller blind will feature a blackout fabric for nighttime or when the sun is intense and you need privacy. The other roller blind will have a translucent or screen fabric for daytime privacy. This is also where they get the term “Day and Night roller blinds". Duo blinds are the latest addition to the roller blind family.

Benefits of Double Roller Blinds

  • It provides both sheer and block-out options in one window treatment allowing you to adapt to changing lighting conditions throughout the day.
  • The contrast in the fabric gives you control over the amount of light that enters your room.
  • Provide high-quality and luxurious design.
  • Properly installed double blinds are long-lasting and durable.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Double roller blinds are cost-effective since they include two types of blinds.

We are the Top Manufacturer of Double Blinds in Perth

Our Double Roller Blinds have been perfected through years of research and development, allowing you to combine two blinds without sacrificing privacy or visibility. It’s simple to switch between a Blockout Blind for privacy and a Sunscreen Blind to let the sun in while filtering the view with two blinds on the same bracket.

How to Install Double Roller Blinds?

Follow these steps for a seamless setup:

  • Measure your window dimensions precisely.
  • Install brackets securely inside the window frame.
  • Fix the Double roller blinds onto the brackets effortlessly.
  • Ensure the blinds operate smoothly by adjusting the slats.

Where can Double Blinds be fitted?

Double blinds may be installed on any window in your house or place of business. They are perfect for bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries. Moreover, they may be utilized to protect large sliding doors.


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What are double roller blinds?
Two roller blinds are put on one window known as double roller blinds. They are not sided by side, but one in front of the other. Each blind has its own control, allowing you to process it separately.
How double roller blinds being smart?
Double roller blinds include a double-layered fabric with transparent and non-transparent stripes to provide you with the light, vision, and privacy you want. Your double roller blinds will be smart in a flash with Motion Blinds. They may be installed wirelessly, quickly connected to your smart home, and controlled from anywhere.
How do you hang double roller blinds?
The double-layer blinds are now ready to hang after repeating the process with the opposite blockout roller blinds bracket. The initial layer of semi-transparent white roller blinds (instead of nets) hooks onto either bracket. The second roller layer of grey blackout blinds drapes in the same way as the first.
What are double roller blinds best for?
When it comes to light management, double roller blinds are the greatest solution. You can gain superb privacy and darkness in your room by switching to blackout blinds. As a result, your sleep cycles will be optimized, allowing you to wake up with more freshness and energy each day.
Why choose double bracket roller blinds and shades?
With a combination of Blockout and Sun filter fabrics on a dual bracket, you get the best of both worlds at your window with Double Bracket Roller Blinds and Shades. In effect, two blinds in one to provide you complete window coverage.
What is the best size for double roller blinds?
The best size for double roller blinds is 125mm.
What are double roller blinds made up of?
Double roller blinds are made by pre-selected combinations of elegant Blockout roller fabrics and thin Sunscreens which block out the light and take in the view with a screen.

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