Zebra Shades vs Sheer Shades: Elain Blinds- Perth, Australia
When it comes to decorating your home, you want to make sure that each aspect is chosen carefully. One important aspect to consider is window treatment. They not only improve the aesthetics of a room, but they also provide practical functions such as privacy and light control. There are several kinds of window treatments available, including zebra shades (also known as zebra blinds) and sheer shades. In this blog, we will explore the differences between these two popular options, including their design, functionality, versatility, and cost. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a better understanding of which window treatment is best for your home.

Zebra Shades vs Sheer Shades: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Before diving into the differences between zebra shades and sheer shades, we will look after some similarities they both share.

The Similarities: Zebra and Sheer Shades


Zebra and sheer shades both are effortless to install. Depending on your preference, they can be installed either inside the window frame or outside the window. They are a flexible and adaptable option for any window and may be installed using a variety of equipment, such as brackets, clips, or rods.

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UV Protection

Zebras and sheer shades both provide UV protection for your indoor spaces. They are made to filter out the sun’s damaging UV rays and protect against harm to your flooring, furniture, and other interior elements that may be damaged by extended exposure to sunlight.

Energy Efficiency

Zebra and sheer shades can both improve your home’s energy efficiency. They can help you adjust the temperature in your home and reduce your need for heating and cooling systems by adding an extra layer of insulation. This may ultimately result in lower energy costs and a more sustainable way of life.

The Differences: Zebra Shades vs Sheer Shades


Zebra shades have alternating sheer and opaque stripes that may be adjusted to control the amount of light and privacy in a room. These shades have a sleek, modern look that is perfect for people looking to add some style to their home decor. Zebra shades are available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, making them an ideal choice for any room.

Sheer shades, on the other hand, are made of soft and translucent fabric that lets natural light enter a room while providing some level of privacy. Most of the time, people confuse sheer shades with sheer curtains. However, they both are pretty similar with each other, but they are not the same. Sheer curtains are made of thin, gauzy fabric that hangs from a traditional curtain rod and offer limited light control and privacy, while sheer shades have a layer of opaque material for better light control and privacy.

So, if you want to make your house seem cozy and inviting, sheer shades are ideal because of their soft, beautiful appearance. Sheer shades come in a variety of colors and textures, making them a versatile choice for any room.


Zebra shades are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private spaces because they give excellent light control and high levels of privacy. They are also durable and resistant to fading and warping, making them an excellent choice for areas that receive a lot of sunshine.

Sheer shades, on the other hand, provide minimum privacy and light control, making them suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, and other common areas. They give the room a smooth and elegant appearance while allowing natural light to enter. Sheer shades are low-maintenance and cheap, but they are not as long-lasting as zebra shades and may fade or tear.


Zebra shades usually cost more than sheer shades because of their unique look and functionality. However, they are a great investment for people who want to add style to their home’s interior design as well as enjoy the benefits of better light control and high levels of privacy.

Sheer shades, on the other hand, are affordable and easy to maintain. They are an excellent option for anyone who wants to add a warm, homey environment while also getting some privacy and control over the light.


Zebra shades can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or a vacuum because they are made of durable material. They do not need to be removed to be cleaned, making them a low-maintenance option. Zebra shades can last for years without losing their aesthetic look because they are resistant to fading and warping as well.

Sheer shades are also easy to maintain, requiring only a damp cloth or a brush dusting every once in a while. However, if they become discolored, they can be difficult to clean and may need to be removed and professionally cleaned. Sheer shades may also fade or tear over time, requiring more replacing than zebra shades.


Although zebra shades are stylish, they may not be suitable for all areas of your home. Stripes can create a complex pattern that can be overwhelming in some areas, and they may not provide the soft and pleasant feel that you want in areas like living rooms or dining rooms. They do, however, function well in private areas, such as bathrooms or bedrooms.

Sheer shades, on the other hand, are more flexible when it comes to placement in the home. They look good in any room and have a soft, modest appearance that complements other decor. They may create a warm atmosphere in living rooms while also providing some privacy.

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To help you understand better, below we have provided a table with the main differences between zebra and sheer shades.
Feature Zebra Shades Sheer Shades
Appearance Unique and modern look with alternating sheer and opaque stripes Soft and elegant look with translucent fabric that allows natural light to filter through
Light Control Excellent light control Moderate light control
Privacy & Control High level of privacy.
They have adjustable stripes that can be aligned to provide privacy.
Moderate levels of privacy.
They have horizontal vanes that can be tilted to provide privacy.
Visibility to Outside Allow for visibility only when stripes are offset Allow some visibility to the outside even when vanes are closed
Durability Durable and resistant to fading and warping. Not as durable as zebra shades, may be prone to fading and tearing
Design Have a distinctive striped pattern. Available in a variety of styles, including Roman shades, roller shades, and honeycomb/cellular shades
Suitable Rooms Bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private spaces. They are best suited for modern or contemporary rooms Living room, dining rooms, and other spaces. They are versatile and can work in a variety of room styles
Price More expensive than sheer shades Affordable

Which one should you choose?

Ultimately, the choice between zebra and sheer shades comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your space. Zebra shades might be a better choice for you if privacy, light control, and durability are important to you. Sheer shades may be a better choice if you want a soft, elegant look and don’t need as much privacy or light control.

At Elain Blinds, we offer a wide range of window treatment options, including zebra shades, sheer shades, and many more. Our team of professionals can help you select the perfect window treatments for your home, taking into consideration your preferences, needs, and budget.

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