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Blinds are such a simple concept- a covering for a window. But as with many simple concepts there is a lot of room for variation and customization.

Blinds might loosely be divided into soft and hard varieties. Hard varieties are like shutters, small doors that cover the outside of the window. Soft varieties might be fabric or vinyl used to cover the inside of the window. But this is hardly doing justice to the possibilities. There are internal blinds that incorporate hard horizontal slats, and external blind / shutters that contain moving slats as well as doors. It all depends on the home and the owners taste.

Blinds can:

  • Block out light
  • Provide privacy
  • Provide some thermal insulation
  • Improve and add to the room décor
  • Prevent UV damage to you home’s interior.

Roller Blinds Perth

These are a classic option. Roller blinds are soft vinyl or fabric that block out light and provide privacy when closed, and which conveniently roll away above then window when not in use. They hardly take up any space, yet they work so effectively.

Roller blinds can be made in virtually any colour, or decorated with any pattern. Screen printed blinds are not uncommon. There is always an appropriate blind for any home décor.

Custom Blinds Perth

Talk to us about the right blinds for any room in your home.

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