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Blinds are an old but classic window covering. Zebra blinds are a more recent innovation, combining aspects of roller blinds and other window shades. Some people might say they manage to improve on both. 

Other type of blinds will either use horizontal slats (venetian blinds) which are tillable, or they use a sheet of material that completely retracts on a roller mechanism. But Zebra blinds consist of a continuous loop of material with horizontal areas that alternate between clear and filled in.

Zebra blinds get their name from their horizontal stripes on the blind material. There are two layers of material over the windows as part of a continual loop. By moving the layers of material, buy alternating the bands of material, the window can be completely covered or partially covered. 

Zebra blinds can also be retracted like roller blinds. The material can be stored above the window, leaving the whole window open. 

Zebra custom blinds Perth

These blinds are quite versatile. They can fit any home. It’s just a matter of whether you what them as part of the décor. Then again, you can have many different fabrics or colours, so there is probably something for every style. 

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